Being Stalked

This is all kinds of crazy and fucked up. I guess I’ve never really had someone else’s opinion on Chris’s behaviour before.

I’m in a relationship now with a guy called Charlie. We met in January on OK Cupid and I’m extremely happy. He is a good guy and is always lovely to me. A few weeks ago, we went out on a date to the cinema. Chris worked out where we were going, and what time, and turned up. He started shouting at me that he wanted me back. Charlie and I left the cinema. Chris followed us. I spoke to him and then we ducked into a pub.

I was left feeling really traumatised and anxious. Charlie called the police a few days later and started this nightmare merry go round I’m stuck on. I’ve had people from various agencies contact me. I’m now on some register as an abused woman. I’m struggling with it all. In amongst all this, I’m trying to be normal when I see Chris and trying not to upset Charlie.

I feel trapped. I still care about Chris. I still look after him. His behaviour was so bad that I can’t just ignore it. He doesn’t love me any more. In fact, I’m not sure he ever did! I’ve given him so many chances. I can’t keep doing that. I don’t love him like that anyway.

Being Stalked

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