So it’s Valentine’s day

I’m ok with V day. I’m not an overly romantic person, and I tell my beau what I think when I want to. I don’t need a special day to remind me. I’m also the kind of person who buys random bits for people if I think they’ll like them regardless of what day it is.

Chris is off to London today to go out with a woman he met in a bar at the weekend. Now he’s not lying to me constantly, I’m fine with it. We’ve had a couple of chats about the future over the last few days as I met a man on OKCupid a few weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong, we still scream at each other, but just not about other people.

Chris got a brown envelope of doom before Christmas. They are swapping him from DLA to PIP. Obviously he’s terrified, especially after what I went through. I also got one. They are swapping me onto ESA. We will have both been through both types of benefit reassessment within the last year, as has another friend. It’s easy to feel victimised. Chris is not handling it well and is worried about losing his home. I’ve managed to park my terror as I can’t see how being catatonic for anything up to a year will help anyone.

So happy Valentine’s day. I hope it’s a great day, or, at least, tolerable.

So it’s Valentine’s day