Facebook Stalkers

Over the years, I’ve put up with many, many obsessive fans of Chris’s. They see him performing and think they fall in love with him. I generally just ignore these people. Sometimes they find me on Facebook and try and engage me in conversation. Occasionally they try and friend request me.

I woke up today to a friend request from the latest one of these obsessive women. I tend to ignore these people but this one has pissed me off to the extreme. It has taken every strength of my being to not send her a message, ripping her a new arsehole. In some ways, it isn’t her fault. She doesn’t understand our relationship but I understand hers. She’s a bored, married housewife and Chris represents something exciting. She wants to leave her husband for him despite only meeting him about two months ago. She “knows” him. Well, I don’t “know” him after five and a half years so I think she’s deluded. He ditched one stalker only a couple of weeks ago when she turned up where his friends were after he told her he didn’t want to introduce her to them. I’m normally fine with these women until they get involved in my life. She has now has that dubious honour but he isn’t ready to get shot of her yet.

Chris has been swinging dramatically between highs and lows for the last six weeks or so, which is why there are so many women. There have been no times where his mood has been stable. We went to see his GP yesterday, who is considering referring him back to the psychiatrist. He upped his meds in the mean time. It’s hard to be there when he is parading these women in front of me and being so difficult all the rest of the time. Sometimes I need a bit of support and someone to tell me that it will all be ok. I have builders in my flat at the moment and my mother, who is the cornerstone of my support network, is away.

Facebook Stalkers

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