Hello world!

So I thought I’d write a blog about what it’s like being a bipolar sufferer’s gf. Obviously there are many more things which define him but, for simplicity, and so my blog name makes sense, that’s where we are starting. I’m sure I’m not the only person who is in this boat. Names will be changed to protect the insane, including myself.

First off, I’m not his girlfriend. We tried that and after lots of tears and snot, we became friends. We are in an emotional relationship however, which no one understands. We get jealous of others that drift in and out of the other one’s life. It’s not easy for either of us and sometimes I wonder why we do it at all.

I’ve known Chris for over five years. We met in a pub, at an event I was hosting. He walked in and I was instantly interested. We exchanged a look and I hoped he was there for the meet but he sat at the bar on his mobile. After a while he came over. We chatted a lot and exchanged contact details. The short story is we spent the next night together.

Hello world!

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